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Eneter.Messaging.Threading.Dispatching Namespace

Receiving messages and events according to specified thread mode.
Public classAsyncDispatching
Invokes asynchronously by routing to a thread from the thread-pool (each method can be executed in a separate thread).
Public classNoDispatching
Invokes directly without routing.
Public classSyncDispatching
Invokes one by one from from the queue.
Public classWindowsDispatching
Invokes via .NET built in queue System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher.
Public classWinFormsDispatching
Invokes to WinForms main UI thread.
Public interfaceIThreadDispatcher
Invokes a method according to specified thread mode.
Public interfaceIThreadDispatcherProvider
Provides dispatcher that shall be used for raising events and delivering messages in a correct thread.
Threading dispatching allows to specify in which threads received messages shall be received. E.g. you can specify that events like messageReceived, connectionOpened, connectionClosed, ... will be raised in the main UI thread.